Mas Falet story


Mas Falet, is a traditional Catalan farmhouse XVII century, located in Sant Antoni de Calonge, set on top of the mound of Collet. Due to its geographical location has been a landmark in the history of the Costa Brava and its long history of its construction.

Go back to the 2nd Punic War and the subsequent conquest of Spain by the Romans in the Empordà area, where was the old Roman fortified. During the fall of the Roman Empire, the town was destroyed by Germanic troops. 

Later, during the Arab conquest of Spain by the Christians built a fortress in Mas Falet. But to prevent the invasion and the advancement of the Arabs in the north. During the Reconquista (the release of the Spanish territories of the Muslims) built a stronghold of the Christian troops. Legend has it that he stayed here with his army of Queen Isabel of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon before the famous campaign against Granada at the end of the fifteenth century.  

At the end of the Reconquista, and the fact that occurred in Spain, the structure of the fort lost its importance and was deteriorating.  

According to legend, there lived a hermit, who was accused of heresy by the Inquisition and burned in the bonfire. The building was sacked, abandoned and almost destroyed.

A mid-seventeenth century, the land peripheral to the old building were transferred to a Spanish commander, who distinguished himself in the "war Tridtsateletney," the fight of the Catholics against Protestant armies, led by Swedish King Gustav II Adolf. At the end of his life, in 1682,  was constructed this building, we can admire today, Mas Falet 

The descendants of the owner of the castle servants loyal to the Spanish crown, were distinguished in the battles against the armies of Napoleon, in their attempts to conquer the Iberian peninsula.  

There are many legends hidden on heresy and the Inquisition of the hermit who lived in the fort, which continue to this day not been found because they were hidden to avoid falling into the hands of the Church.  

In the twentieth century, during the Spanish Civil War, the building was badly damaged. It was subsequently restored and renovated and now presents us with a good example of the XVII century Catalan architecture. 

Empordà Convention Bureau new member of Catalunya Convention Bureau
From January 2014, Empordà Convention Bureau becomes part of Catalunya Convention Bureau as a new member.
Sopar benèfic i de celebració en motiu del 60e aniversari de l’Associació.
El passat 7 de novembre L’AECC-Catalunya Contra el Càncer juntament amb l’Empodà Convention Bureau, van organitzar a l’Hotel Mas Falet 1682 de Sant Antoni de Calonge, el sopar benèfic i de celebració en motiu del 60e aniversari de l’Associació. Durant el sopar es varen fer entrega dels guardons “V de Vida” a voluntaris i caps de delegacions amb més antiguitat, la reconeguda il·lustradora Sra. Pilarin Bayes, va presentar un mocador dissenyat per col·laborar amb l’Associació i es va presentar el lipdub creat per aquesta ocasió. Una gran nit de solidaritat, reconeixement a una tasca ben feta plena de sentiments i records, on els beneficis es destinaran integrament a la investigació per a la lluita contra la malaltia.
VI Catalan adapted sports games.
This year the Catalan VI adapted sports games have the cooperation of Mas Falet 1682 and A2 Partners.